The Getting Ready for Your Next Job Inventory (YNJ)

Thank you for taking an interest in our Your Next Job (YNJ) inventory! The YNJ is a needs assessment tool for job seekers. It can be used by a job seeker as a self-help assessment, or by a counselor or agency helping job seekers to find work.

Please view links on left menu bar to review citation permissions and to download the YNJ job search inventory (both pdf and MSWord documents are available free of charge).

More information about the development of the YNJ can be found in Wanberg, C.R., Zhang, Z., & Diehn, E.W. (2010). Development of the Getting Ready for Your Next Job Inventory for Unemployed Individuals, Personnel Psychology, 63(2), pp. 439-478.

If you or your organization ends up using all or part of the YNJ, we would appreciate your comments or simply knowing you are using it. Please send comments or use information to Connie Wanberg (